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Final Summative & Examination Schedule

Final Summative Assessment Task(s) and Examinations:

You must write examinations and/or complete all final summative assessment tasks at the scheduled times.  The only exceptions will be conflicts in the schedule, medical reasons or a court order.  If you miss a final summative assessment or examination for medical reasons, you will need to see an administrator.  You must not make any plans, including travel, that conflict with your final summative assessment and examination schedule.  You are informed at the beginning of the school year of the exact dates of the final summative and examination period. In the case of exceptional circumstances, parents should contact the principal.  Plans for holidays or employment are not acceptable reasons for missing a final summative assessment or final examination.

Final Summative Assessment Dates for 2016-2017
Semester 2
                June 20 and June 21 (Grades 9-11)

Examinations Dates for 2016-2017
Semester 1 -

Semester 2 -
                Grade 12 only - June 20 and June 21
                All Grades - June 22-24 and June 26-28 (Note:  June 28 is a Conflict Day)

Tues. June 20
Wed. June 21
Thurs. June 22
Fri. June 23
Mon. June 26
Tues. June 27
Wed. June 28


ENG 4U - Cavers, Kasserra
CGW 4U - Grover
MAP 4C - Casey
MDM 4UGrew
SBI 4UVince

ENG 2DMacDonald
FEF/FIF 3U 3/4 - Boucher
FSF 3U/4UGavel
SCH 4CRobinson

CHW 3MGriffith
ENG 1DGrover, Ludlam, Tallon
HFN 2OHeins
LWSBDO - Beitman
TEJ3/4 M - Wills
ENG 1PLudlam
ENG 2PGrover
ENG 3CTallon
ENG 3UMcDermott
ENG 3U (NBE3U) - Cavers

MBF 3C - Grew
MCF 3MKotecha
MCR 3U - Ross
MCR 3U 3/4 -Tan
MFM 2P -
MPM 2DKotecha, Johnston

Conflicts/Student Success

HSE 4MStride
MHF 4UE - Kotecha
SPH 4U - Turcke
FEF/FIF 4U3/4 - Boucher
SCH 4U - Leggett
BAF 3MMiller
CLN 4UGriffith
HFC 3MHeins
HPC 3O - Pixley
MFM 1PRoss
MPM 1D - Johnston, Ross
MPM 1D 3/4 – Tan
SPH 3U - Turcke

MCV 4U - Casey
SCH 3URobinson
SNC 1P - Seguin
SNC 2D - Seguin, Leggett
SNC 2P- Stride    

CGC 1D -Wimmer, Stride, Cowan
CGC 1D 3/4Lalonde
CHC 2D - Pixley
CHC 2D 3/4Miles
CLU 3MGriffith

FEF/FIF 2D 3/4Boucher
SBI 3UHeins, Seguin
SNC 1DMonsour, Vince

Conflicts/Student Succes
Language oral and music playing exams are to be scheduled individually with your teacher.

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