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Student Information
**This information is also found in the Frontenac Secondary School Student Agenda**

Frontenac Secondary School runs on a semestered school year.  Students take a maximum of four courses beginning in September and write final examinations for those courses in January.  Four new courses are started in February and final examinations are written in June.  Frontenac Secondary School’s program accommodates full-time students. Exceptional requests for part-time status may be made to the principal.

All students in grades 9, 10 and 11 must take 4 full-credit courses each semester.  

Grade 12 students must take three credits each semester to qualify for full-time student status and eligibility for extra-curricular school activities.  Grade 12 students who have 22 credits or under must take 4 credits each semester.


The Student Services Department is located down the hall from the administrative office.  Counsellors are available to help students in many ways.  Learning program support teachers and student success teachers will give academic and tutorial assistance to students.  Career counselling and post secondary services are available and all students are strongly urged to take advantage of these.  Guidance Counsellors can help students work through personal and social problems.  An Adolescent Careworker helps support students with attendance and personal problems.  Referrals to highly specialized agency counsellors - psychiatrists, psychologists, drug and alcohol counsellors and social workers - can be made through Student Services. Appointments with counsellors can be made by students and parents at any time during the school day.  


        Sexual Health Clinic .......................................... 613-549-1232 Ext: 213
        Tobacco Information Line .................................      613-549-1232 Ext. 333
        Dial-a-Dietitian ..................................................     613-549-1232 Ext. 224
        Street Health Centre ........................................   613-549-1440
        Alcoholics Anonymous Help Line .....................            613-549-9380    
        Talk (Telephone Aid Line Kingston) .................    613-544-1771            
        Youth Line-Kinds Help Phone .........................           1-800-668-6868
        Al-Anon Family Groups ...................................               613-384-2134
        KAIROS-Substance Abuse .............................            613-542-6559
        Child Abuse-Children’s Aid Society ................           613-542-7351  
                Emergency   ..................................          613-542-6909
        Sexual Assault Crisis Centre ..........................         613-544-6424
        Lennox & Addington Addiction Services                   1-800-420-9734
        Kingston Community Counselling Centre .......           613-543-7850
        Frontenac Community Mental Health .............         613-544-4229
NEDIC (National Eating Disorder Info) ...........               613-547-3684
        HARS HIV/AIDS Regional Services ...............         1-800-565-2209


We welcome and encourage students to visit and use the Library Resource Centre. We have an excellent collection of materials: fiction, non fiction and reference books which support curriculum assignments and projects. As well, there is a reading area with a variety of magazines, newspapers and books for recreational reading. Computers are available for student use each period and are intended for curriculum-related research only. Inappropriate use will result in the loss of computer access. Carrels provide individual work spaces for quiet study, while larger tables provide areas for quiet group work. The Seminar Room is available on request to both staff and small groups of students who need to work together on projects. Library hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each day. A list of the services we offer is available in the library and a full-time teacher librarian and library technician are available to assist you.

Food and beverages are not allowed in the library, as well as communication devices including cell phones and pagers.  The library is a place for quiet work and study and users are expected to behave in a courteous and respectful manner.

Overdue book(s) procedure:

1.  A notice is sent to the Home Form to remind the student.  Teachers will send the student to see the teacher librarian.
2.  After a week, if there is no response, the teacher librarian will speak to the student.
3.  If the book is still not returned, a phone call will be made to the student’s home.
4.  The student will be referred to the Administration.
5.  If a book has not been returned or paid for within a two month overdue period, the student’s individual library privileges will be suspended.


Ontario law makes school attendance compulsory up to a person’s eighteenth birthday.  Provincial law further requires that "a pupil shall attend classes punctually and regularly and is excused from attendance if he or she is unable to reason of sickness or other unavoidable causes".  This applies equally to students under 18 years and to those over 18 who have chosen to remain in school.

At FSS students are expected to attend all classes punctually and regularly.  Illness or legitimate participation in another school activity constitutes valid reasons for missing the occasional class.

Commitments such as routine medical appointments and job interviews should be scheduled outside of normal school hours if at all possible.  Students who miss classes due to illness or other legitimate reasons are responsible for the work missed.

Absenteeism may have a negative impact on student achievement. Chronic truancy may lead to the student being referred to the LDSB Attendance Counsellor.


Parents are to contact the FSS Attendance Office at 634-3511.  Please ensure you leave your child's name, reason for absence and if known, date of return.


Students who become sick during the school day must report to the Main Office.  The school will attempt to notify the parent/guardian of the student’s illness and request permission to allow the student to go home.  Unless a student is 18 years of age, he or she cannot leave school property without a parent’s/guardian’s approval.


Students who know in advance that they will be absent from school should let their teachers and the Attendance Secretary know when they will be away.  For extended absences 5 days or more students should get an “extended absence form” from the Main Office or Student Services and complete it for submission to the administration for approval.   Parents are discouraged from removing students for extended periods for vacations as this can have a negative impact on their achievement.

Students who are 18 years of age and over may write their own notes.  They are still required to let their teachers and the Attendance Secretary know of any absences.

Students whose absence is not legitimized by a note or phone call  from a parent/guardian are considered to be absent without reason.   Consequences will be determined by the school administration.  These may include detention and/or a phone call home to notify parents. These attendance procedures are designed to help students achieve academic success in their courses.  Students who attend class regularly are better able to achieve good grades.

Frontenac Secondary School is committed to keeping students and their parents/guardians informed about both attendance and performance. Synrevoice is an automated system to help improve communication with parents.  The system will operate between 4 p.m. & 9 p.m. Monday to Friday to keep you informed of attendance irregularities.  You will receive a phone call from the automated system that will let you know what classes your son/daughter missed from school.  We will also be sending information bulletins over the Synrevoice system on weekends to remind you of parent/guardian interview nights etc.  


If a student will be late for school, please call attendance to let us know they will be late and the reason for the lateness.  Upon arrival, students must sign in at the Main Office Attendance Desk to receive an admit slip.

When students arrive late to class, the concentration of other students is interrupted.  Late arriving students should sign the "Late Log".  After 3 lates, teachers will call home.  After 5 lates, students will meet with Administration.  Lunch hour detentions may be assigned.


If a student must leave before the end of the day, we require parental contact and permission for students under age 18.  Send a note with your child for them to bring to the attendance desk in the Main Office or phone the attendance office with the particulars.  In either case, the student must sign out at the attendance desk in the Main Office before they leave the premises.

Students over 18 may sign themselves out of school without parental consent, however, they must ensure they go through the attendance desk before they leave.  As well, such students are responsible for ensuring that they are signing out of school for appropriate reasons.



Quiet hallways and foyers promote a positive school tone and allow for uninterrupted classroom instruction. During class time, students should not be in the hallways and front foyer. Module de L’Acadie (upstairs west wing) is out of bounds to Frontenac students at all times.

For students on spares the cafeteria is available as a casual study area and the library is available as a quiet study area.  Spares are not an option for GRADE 9, 10 AND 11 students or any student who is behind in credit accumulation.

Please help keep the school clean and tidy by using the recycling bins and garbage cans.


Students are assigned individual lockers. Students must use their assigned lockers.  Students should keep personal belongings in their lockers and lockers should be locked at all times.  All students will be required to register their lock combinations.   Only school locks are allowed.  Do not give your locker combination to any other student!  You are vulnerable to break in and theft if you do so.  The school cannot be responsible for items stolen from lockers.  Large sums of money and other valuables such as ipods, etc. should be left at home.  To help maintain a safe school, any theft must be reported immediately.  If a student does have a large sum of money they should bring it to the Main Office to be stored in the vault.

Lockers must not be written on, either inside or out.  Remember that all pictures, etc. displayed inside your locker will be seen when the door is open.  Such pictures must be in good taste.

Although lockers are assigned to students for their personal use, they remain school property.  As such, the school administration has the authority to open lockers whenever it is deemed necessary.


Lost books create shortages. Students with outstanding textbook accounts are asked to clear up any outstanding textbooks  each semester to ensure there are enough textbooks for every student.  

Textbooks are the property of the Limestone District School Board. Textbooks in each course must be returned on or before the final day of the exam for the course.  The full replacement cost of unreturned or damaged materials will be charged to the student.  Books loaned to you are your responsibility.  Treat them with care and do not loat them to other students.


The cafeteria will be open from 7:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.  Breakfast, hot lunches, sandwiches and snacks are sold from 7:30 a.m. until the end of lunch. Please use the recycle bins and remember to pick up your own litter.


Students should confirm pick-up and departure times with their individual driver.  Questions or concerns with transportation may be directed to student services or Tri-Board Student Transportation Services at 354-1981 or at their website.


The Limestone District School Board provides bus transportation at no charge to students who live beyond the minimum walking distance in the designated Frontenac School area.  Parking is limited.

Student parking is a privilege, not a right. Students are not permitted to sit in vehicles in the parking lot during the school day. Cars should be left locked while on school property. All vehicles on school property must abide by all speed limits, safe driving requirements and parking regulations set down by the school and the Limestone District School Board.


Instructions regarding fire drills and emergency procedures are posted in each room.  Exits are indicated.  Students are asked to proceed to the designated exit. Once outside, students should move away from the building and clear the fire lanes.  Lockdown procedures will be practiced during the school year.


Students are not to bring visitors to the school to visit for the day.  Anyone recognized as an outsider to the school should be reported to the Main Office immediately.

Provincial legislation requires that all school buildings and property be smoke-free environments. Consequently, smoking anywhere in Frontenac Secondary School or on the school property is strictly prohibited.  Ministry of Health by-law enforcement officers will fine ($365.00) any individual found smoking on school property. First time offenders will automatically receive a one-day suspension from school.  Repeat offenders will receive longer suspensions and additional consequences.

There is an identified area at the back of the school, off property, where students who are legally of age to smoke may do so.  No grade 9 students are allowed in this area at any time.


You are expected to show courtesy and respect for yourself and others in the way you dress.  Your clothing and accessories should be free of any slogans, symbols or visual content which is offensive to any member of the school community.  You should not wear any clothing which is considered to be unduly distracting or revealing.  If you are wearing inappropriate clothing, you will be asked to change into more acceptable attire.  Health and Safety policies in selected areas such as laboratories, shops and gyms must be followed.                            

The use of cell-phones and other communication devices has proven very disruptive to learning in the classroom.  In addition, their use in our halls and gym area has raised concerns about student privacy and safety. Consequently, we expect students will respect the following school policy:

All communication devices, including cell-phones, pagers and other electronic devices, are to be shut off and put away during school hours, with the exception of lunch hour  (10:55 to 11:55 only) and between classes.

Music devices (with the exception of those referred in the above paragraph)  are permitted in classrooms at the discretion of the teacher.  No such electronic devices are allowed during tests and exams.

Failure to comply with this policy will result in confiscation of your device.

First offence:  Your device will be confiscated and left with an Administrator in the Main Office. The device may be picked up at the end of the school day.
Second offence:  Your device will be confiscated and must be picked up by a parent or guardian.



Abuse, can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone.  It can be present in any type of relationship, and can take on different forms.  If you think you are in a potentially abusive partnership, contact Student Services at your school. Or talk to a friend or an adult whom you trust.


Kingston Interval House 613-546-1777 or 1-800-267-9445 (24/7)

Kingston Police 613-549-4660 or 911 in an emergency

Lennox & Addington Interval House - 613-354-1010 or 1-800-667-1010

Sexual Assault Centre Kingston 613-544-6424 or 1-877-544-6424

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