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Financing Your Education
Financing Your Education        
Compared to other places, Tuition in Ontario and the rest of Canada is relatively inexpensive. There are not many awards which will pay for all of your university. Good research is important. Most awards require high grades and some high calibre community, athletic and/or leadership involvement. If you're an interesting person who does well in school, there may not be an award for you. You have to excel in some way.

The list below is not complete. Check your parents' employers, your own employers, and websites for the schools you are applying to. Service agencies like Girl Guides of Canada, the Rotary Club of Canada and others also have awards for students who have participated with the organization.

Each application will also require that you are able to write well about yourself. Careful editing and getting some help with your application is almost mandatory if you hope to be considered for an award. Some awards require an endorsement from your high school - that means that the school might only be able to recommend one or two students for a particular award.

Contact Student Services for more information.

CanLearn contains a vast store of information on the costs of attending a Canadian college or university
and the wide variety of ways of financing your education.  It is a huge site, but it is easy to navigate.  Take
the time to explore the whole site.

The objective of the Ontario Student Assistance Program is to help students from lower income families to meet the costs of post secondary education. OSAP is intended to promote equality of opportunity for post-secondary studies by providing direct financial assistance for educational costs (such as tuition fees, books, and supplies) and basic living expenses.  Other OSAP programs offer assistance to students with specific needs; for example, Assistance for Students with Disabilities.

You can apply to OSAP beginning in late April.

A Selection of Major Awards

Loran Award Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation
Value:  Up to $16,000/year
* Character – CMSF scholars are enthusiastic, passionate individuals who possess a moral force of character
* Leadership – Scholars demonstrate entrepreneurial energy and leadership qualities
* Service – Scholars have made a difference in their communities
* Academics – candidates must have 85% minimum average    


Nominated applicants (High schools can nominate up to 3 students)

TD Canada Trust
Value:  Up to $70,000    
* Final year of high school
* Demonstrated outstanding community leadership
* Minimum 75% average
* Letters of reference and essay required

Terry Fox Humanitarian Award
Value:  Up to $7000/year
* involvement in voluntary humanitarian work
* planning to pursue a degree or diploma at a Canadian post-secondary institution
* satisfactory academic standing
* three letters of reference

Deadline:  Early February

Canadian Hospitality Foundation
Value:  Up to $3,500
* entering college or university in the food service/hospitality industry
* only certain post-secondary school are eligible. This list changes every year

Deadline:  Mid March

Garfield Weston Merit Scholarship (for College)
*Leadership potential
* Record of service to school/community
* Minimum 75% average
* Applying to college for 2-3 year program

Deadline:  Early April

Students With Special Needs

visit for a comprehensive list of awards for students with a variety of disabilities.

also visit the OSAP website for additional awards for students with disabilities.

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