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Mr. Kasserra's Website
Science and Swim Team
Welcome to Mr. Kasserra’s Web
FALL 2013-2014

Welcome to Grade 10 Civics (CHV 20) for the Winter 2013-2014 semester.  

My schedule is:
Period 1 - Resource Learning Support Rm. 170
Period 2 - Prep. in Social Science Office
Period 3 - Resource Learning Support Rm. 170
Period 4 - Civics Rm. 221

Science 2D Powerpoints and Sheets

If you need help please come see me or one of the other teachers.
Please visit this page often.  It will be updated with activities in the class and also advise you of upcoming assignments, tests homework and events.
Below is a link to your Course Calendar.  This link gives you access to notes, test dates, assignments, extra practice questions and study support.  It will be updated frequently.  Assignment and test postings are of particular importance.  


  • look ahead     
  • print notes and assignments
  • Check for homework and missed work
  • find links to videos and other sites that may help you better understand the course content
  • for research use this link to the F.S.S. Library

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