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Charles Macdonald's Website
The wee website

       FSS Spain Trip - March break 2009                                                        C. Macdonald

Useful Links/Websites/Activities

Here's a fun link for those who want to improve their vocabulary while donating food to those in need. Have fun! [Link]
(Remember to investigate the various subjects/categories offered on free rice. There's more than just English vocabulary!)

Here's a link to Student Life in the UK, courtesy of the BBC. This site lets you read and participate in on-line debates on a number of interesting topics.

Here's a reading list for those who have been asking about 'literary works'. It does not supply a list of titles sufficient for a complete or comprehensive journey through the forest of English literature at a secondary school level of reading. Only individual readers can decide whether a book is to their liking or not - but remember, personal taste alone does not determine the quality of a story/book, only its appeal or lack thereof.

Here's a very useful website for those wishing to improve their writing skills. You can create a student account (free) and take tutorials to help improve your syntax, grammar and diction skills. A useful on-line reference for all questions about the mechanical elements of writing. Diana Hacker's reference books are worth purchasing, if you are serious about improving your writing skills.

Visit this site for help in connection with a variety of common problems in written English. There is information about commonly confused words, contractions, grammar and sentence composition etc.  You can also learn about some of those pesky literary devices here. Investigate the Styles and Figures of Speech tab on the toolbar. It's worth a visit!

Here's a useful guide to writing research papers/essays using the MLA format.  Here's another option:

ENG 2DT (Grade 10 Academic English): here are novel guides for Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm. How 'bout those allegories! and

ENG 4U (Grade 12 University Prep English): here's a thinner version of Hamlet.

        Celtic Studies Trip, June 2009                                          

    Edinburgh, Scotland     C. Macdonald

THE ITALIAN JOB oops, TRIP: March break 2011

We are getting ready for a March 2011 trip to Italy. We welcome any students who wish to join us. We'll be doing fun food, language and culture things throughout the year in preparation for the Italian adventure.  Watch this space for news.

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