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OFSAA Qaulifying Times 2015.pdf


Unit 5 Test Wednesday June 14

SCH 3U Unit 5 Learning Goals & Questions.doc

SCH 3U Pollution Summative Task Rubric.docx

SCH3U Pollution Outline.docx

SCH NSTA Lab Report Rubric.docx

Lab Report Format.docx

SCH 3U Unit 4 Learning Goals & Questions.doc


Unit 5 Electrochem Lesson 1.docx

Unit 5 Electrochem Lesson 2.docx

Unit 5 Electrochem Lesson 3.docx
Solubility Table Updated.docx

SCH 3U Predicitng Reaction Products.docx

Balancing Chemical Equations.docx

Acid Names Chart.docx

Naming and Writing Chemical Formulas Doc.docx

Electron Configuration Chart.docx

Unit 1 Learning Goals update.docx

SCH 3U Outline Feb 2017.docx

A Voyage through Equations.doc

Predicting Reaction Products.doc

Balancing Chemical Equations.doc

Very Short Test answers.pdf

Naming Worksheet Answers.pdf

Big Kahuna Naming Answers.pdf

Bohr Rutherford Table.docx
Balancing Chemical Equations.docx

SCH4C 2.2 Chemical reactions can be balanced by following specific steps.docx

SCH4C 2.1 Describing Chemical Reactions.docx

SCH4C Chapter 1 Practice Test.docx

SCH4C 1.9 Molecular compounds can be distinguished.docx

SCH4C 1.8 Ionic compounds have distinct properties.docx

SCH4C 1.7 Atoms of elements transfer or share electrons in chemical bonds.docx

SCH4C 1.6 The periodic table organizes elements based on chemical and physical properties.docx

SCH4C 1.5 Atoms have colour signatures that identify them.docx

SCH4C 1.4 Isotopes.docx

SCH4C 1.1 Properties of Matter.docx

SCH4C 1.3 Atomic Structure.docx

SCH4C Course Outline Feb 2017.docx


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