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Ms. Seguin's Website!
10 Academic Science & Grade 11 Biology

Please visit this page often to find information regarding TESTS, ASSIGNMENTS, and REVIEW LISTS.  
I will try to keep the website as updated as possible.

The current unit of study is at the top of the course column.  Past units are still listed below... so look back when exams come up!

Semester 1 - Fall 2015

day 11 summative Paper Towel Lab.doc

Grade 11 Biology - SBI 3U
Grade 10 Science - SNC 2D

Course Outline 3U course outline.doc
UNIT 4: Animal Systems unit day by day.doc

day 3 gas exchange.ppt

day 4 Disorders.ppt

day 5 intro to circulation.ppt

DAY 7: How the heart beats day 7 how the heart works.ppt

Day 9 : Circulatory Problems day 9 cir disorders.ppt

Macromolecules macromolecules.ppt

Chemical Digestion of macromolecules chemical digestion.pdf
UNIT TEST - Thursday Dec. 17
dec 2015 review.doc
UNIT 3: Evolution
variation and artificial selection.ppt
day 8 evidence.ppt
practice evolution test.pdf
practice test.doc
Online Practice - check answers as you go  CLICK HERE
Day 1 Review from grade 10 bio
day 1 gr 10 review cells quiz.doc
Day 3 Wed. Sept 9
Review the stages of mitosis

Day 11 Sex Linked Traits day 11 sex linked traits.ppt
Day 12 Pedigree Charts day 12 PedigreeCharts.ppt
review list 2015.docgenetics review.ppt
8.11 past climates0.pptday 3 components of climate system.ppt

UNIT 1: Biology
Day 1: Tuesday September 8th
Introduction to Living Things & The Parts of the Microscope
Use this link to complete your homework from today!

Day 2: Wednesday September 9th

8.11 past climates.ppt

Day 3: Thursday September 10th

Day 4: Friday September 11thday 4 mitosis0.ppt
Day 5: Biological Diagramsday 5 biological drawings.doc

Day 9: End of Unit LAB Drawings 1 & 3
Chapter 2 review
Page 66 #1-4, 6, 9, 11, 13, 15

Test Review test review.doc 
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