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Mr. Tan's Webpage

Per. 1 AP CALC

Lunch time notes:

day 1 2017 pdf.pdfday2 pdf.pdfap CALC Optimisation note.pdf

day 6 pdf.pdf
        day 12 optimisation.pdf                        Optimisation notes etc;

Derivatives of exponential functions solutions page

Some websites that you may want to check out
                (volume of revolution video)                (volume video #2)

AP vectors 1.notebookvectors 1.pdfmay 16.pdf

Per. 3 Grade 9 mathématiques        (chiffres)


Per 4 MCR 3U

apr 12.pdfapr 13.pdfapr 19.pdfjune 16 exam review1.pdfjune 19 revi.pdfT expos FR 2017 2.docx

T expr RationL 17FR.docxT quad func 2015 FR.docT suite ser FR 2017.docT trig 1 15 EN.docxTest Trigonometry2017FR.docx

may 1trig word probs.pdfmay 18 dot product.pdfTrig Fns Test May 2017FR.wpdTquad funApr 2017FR.wpd

Test Trig 2017 Part A NO CALCULATOR FR.docx

G9 Applied French

Unité 1 Moi-même                (les sports)                (les passe-temps)                (les animaux)        (je présente ma famille)

Facebook sample page - Tan.pptMa Famille.doc

Quizlet review for Unit 1 test:

Unité 2 La Bouffe        (resto vocab)                (les sucrés)                (les salés)                (les viandes)

        Challenge de nourriture...

        vidéo poulet:
        vidéo poutine:
        vidéo gateau:

        review of vocab
        restaurant dialog

        video recipes 

        Recette video 

        flash cards   

        le lac        
        ma soeur      
        en feu        


        ALLER in the future
        Quizlet practice

        Christmas vocab
        another one   

        another one   


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