School Start-Up Information

School Information 2021-2022
Posted on 09/03/2021

COVID Protocols 

Updated protocols for attending school can be found at Return to School 2021-2022 and will include daily screening, masking, hand hygiene, and physical distancing (hallways and entrances). 

Entrance/Exits and Hallways

Physical distancing will remain a priority for staff and students. While we will not be assigning mandatory doors for students to use, we will be asking them to use the doors and hallways that will minimize travel inside the school. Congregating in groups in the hallways or shared spaces such as washrooms will not be permitted. 

Daily Schedule

Frontenac’s Daily Schedule can be found here:  FSS Daily Schedule  Please note that school starts at 8:15 am.  We ask that students arrive no earlier than 8:00 am as there is no supervision before this time.  If your school bus arrives early, please wait outside until 8:00 am to enter the building.  There will be several staff outside on the first day of school to assist students, as necessary.  


We will be delaying the assignment of lockers during the start of the school year. The rationale for this decision is mainly to establish routines in the hallways that allow for safe physical distancing practices. We are hoping to assign lockers once safety routines are well established. 

Parents and Guests

For now, only people deemed essential will be permitted into the school. Parents, guardians and other regular guests will be encouraged to set up virtual meetings with teachers and support staff.

Daily COVID screening and Attendance

COVID screening must be completed every day by all staff and students.  Communication regarding student absences should be done through safe arrival.  If students are arriving late, parents/guardians should report their child as a full-day absence using safe arrival.  When the student arrives, they need to sign in at the main office to get a late slip and parental permission will be requested at this time if it has not previously been provided.  If a student needs to leave early, they need to sign out (with parental permission).  Please see Report a Student Absence for more information.  Please make regular, punctual attendance a priority for your family. 

Students with Medical Conditions

If your child has a prevalent medical condition such as asthma, anaphylaxis, epilepsy or diabetes, we need your medical forms updated ASAP.  Please select the appropriate form using this link Medical Procedures, and complete and return forms to the school as soon as possible. Forms can be returned in person or emailed to

Preparedness to Pivot to Remote Learning

Teachers will be working with students to establish routines that will prepare them for a pivot to remote learning should it be necessary. Similar to previous circumstances, families will be supported based on individual student needs.

Student Information SystemAspen Student Information System

The LSDB has acquired a new system for housing data that has increased functionality for communicating with parents and students. Students are encouraged to login to Minds Online to access Aspen or click the link above to review information such as their timetable. Please note that there has been a number of changes to classroom locations in the past week.  As such, we ask all students to log into Aspen to confirm the locations of their Quad 1 classes prior to the first day of school.

Guidance Department 

The guidance department is available to support students with course selection and timetable changes, as well as college and university applications, and other academic, social and emotional support. Learning Program Support teachers and Student Success teachers also work in this department. Click this link Timetable Change 

Bussing, Pick Up & Drop Off Procedures, and Parking

Please contact Triboard Transportation for bussing questions or concerns. Busses pick up and drop off students at the back of the school. For parents dropping off students please do so along the front of the school and follow the one-way signs if driving around the back. Please be aware that parking spaces along the back lane of the school should only be used by staff and students who intend to leave after the busses. Those intending to leave immediately after the last period should not park in these spots. Also, for safety reasons we also ask that vehicles be backed into these spaces.  Also, please avoid using the parking lots of neighbouring buildings and businesses for pickup and drop off.   

Foodservice and Lunch

Unfortunately, food services in the cafeteria will not be available at the start of the school year. Students will need to provide their own packed lunch or be prepared to buy lunch at one of the many establishments close to the school. Students will be permitted to eat lunch at their desk in their morning classroom or outside.

Extracurricular Activities

We know how important extracurricular activities are to our students and the life of our school. Students will be provided with opportunities to participate in sports, the arts, clubs and other activities. Each activity will be following the guidelines provided by the board of education and the local health unit.

School Council

School Councils increase parental involvement in schools, promote greater understanding of the education process and enhance the accountability of the education system.  Parents and guardians interested in being part of this year’s school council should attend our first virtual meeting on September 21st at 6:30 pm. More information will be posted on our website closer to this date.  

Please be assured that all of the information here will also be available and regularly updated on the board and school website at School news and information will also be shared on twitter @FSSprops .