School Council

School Councils are important partners in education. School Councils provide a forum through which parents and other members of school communities can contribute to improving student achievement and well-being and enhance the accountability of the education system. 

We meet approximately 6 times a year. We do not fund-raise and you won't be volun-chosen for other duties.  We usually host one or two events per school year for parents/guardians and students. We inquire about and discuss current areas of concern for students and decide if we want to bring in a speaker to present helpful tips, resources and information for parents/guardians to help their kids succeed. Sometimes the events are geared towards both parents/guardians and their students as well.      

We are all about information sharing and discussion. At each meeting an update on school related activities is provided by the Student Council Chairs, teacher representative and our Principal. Council is an excellent way of staying informed about what is going on at our school and what opportunities are available for your student both academically and otherwise. School council members also identify topics of interest for presentation/discussion at future meetings or extra special interest sessions.

Executive 2020-2021:

  • Colleen Notley                                Chair    [email protected]
  • Angie Clark                        Vice-chair
  • Geoff Salter                                    Treasurer
  • Jennifer Foster                                Secretary
  • Vacant                                           Indigenous Family Rep.
  • Sophia Harrison                               Black and Racialized Individuals Co-Rep.
  • Narelle Moses                      Black and Racialized Individuals Co-Rep.

Members at Large:

  • Crystal Bevens-Leblanc                    Community Member
  • Crystal Bevens-Leblanc                    PIC rep (Parent Engagement Committee)
School Council Meetings

September 21 2021

October 13 2021

November 10 2021

December 8 2021

January 12 2022

February 9 2022

March 9 2022

April 13 2022

May 11 2022

June 8 2022

At this time all school council meetings will be virtual, using Microsoft Teams. To gain access, please email Principal James Bonham-Carter.