Course Selection 2023/2024

Frontenac Secondary School
Course Selection Instructions

Course Calendar 2023-24

Course descriptions are also available in MyBlueprint. See your guidance counsellor if you have any questions.

            Step 1: First Navigate to your school account through MindsOnline (at the limestone website)

            Step 2: Now Click on the MyBlueprint icon

            Step 3: On the opening page, in the left-hand margin, click on High School. You will see your courses from previous grades (starting at Grade 9) and blanks for the grades ahead. You’re going to work in the next blank column.  

             Step 4: Each box will have a course name or simply Course. When you click to add a course, a window will open with all the departments and course selections. Read the descriptions of the courses, check for prerequisites, and read any guidance notes about the course. Click Add Course for courses you want.  You might get a warning that you’re missing a prerequisite or other issue. You can click through and still add the course. Your guidance counsellor will want to talk to you about the error. You will also have a space to choose alternate courses (in case a course you want is full or doesn’t run). You should pick at least one alternate.

            Step 5: Follow the steps to complete course selection. You may receive warnings to fix your selection.  Review your choices and, when you are ready, click Confirm and Print. Print the Sign-Off Sheet. An adult will need to sign this form. Please return it to your teacher or Student Services before the December winter break. Check alerts. You may receive an email to validate your email address. Make sure you check your email and validate.

MyBlueprint has other features you should explore including the goal setting and post-secondary planner. In the left-hand menu, click on Who Am I? for some interesting surveys to discover what career pathways might be right for you. These surveys will match you with careers that might be interesting for you. You can also test your compatibility for these potential careers. MyBlueprint also allows you to accumulate points and enter contests and draws for prizes! Have fun.