Want to meet with a guidance counsellor?

Guidance Information
Posted on 08/30/2021
Guidance Information

Want to meet with your guidance counsellor?

If you have scheduling issues or you’d like to change your schedule, contact your guidance counsellor to make an appointment. At this time, we prefer to meet virtually. Counsellors will be responding to emails starting August 30th, Monday through Thursday between 9 am - 2 pm.

Whether you want to talk about your future, your education, your current courses, the struggles you’re having with life, or anything else, reach out to someone on our team. We’re happy to be here to support you.

We have other support people on our team and will work to connect you with them as needed. Other supports include drug and alcohol counselling, social worker, and variety of other resources.

Cindi Scott (Adolescent care) – scottci@limestone.on.ca

Danny Lalonde (Grade 12) – lalonded@limestone.on.ca

Kelli Kasper (Grade 11) - kasperk@limestone.on.ca

Bruce Patry (Grade 10) – patryb@limestone.on.ca

Aaron Kenney (Grade 9) – kenneya@limestone.on.ca