Clubs at FSS


Time of year

Contact Person

Ophelia ( female focused)

All year 

Mrs. Grover/Mrs. Pixley 

DECA ( business)

All year 

Ms. McCormick/Ms. Wang

FROSSTEA (Trivia Club)

All year 

Ms. Lee

 STAR (Racialized Student Affinity Group)  All year Ms. Purbhoo
 SAGE (Sexuality and Gender Equality) All year Ms. Purbhoo

Chess Club

All year 

Ms. Kasserra/Ms. Purbhoo/Ms. Kent

Improv/ Drama

All year 

Ms. Kasper/Mr. Tremblay


All year 

Ms. Lee/Ms. Scott

Wordsmith Club (Creative Writing)

All year 

Ms. Cavers

 Model UN All year Ms. Lee
 eSports All year Mr. Runions
 Dungeons & Dragons All year Ms. Scott
 Interac All year Ms. Ducharme/Mr. Bennett

 Clubs vary year to year based on student interest and teacher availability.